Test de Inglés

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Pregunta 1:

Here are Sue and Pam. _____ from Australia.

Pregunta 2:

Have you got a pet at home? Yes, _____.

Pregunta 3:

_____ ninety-six people in the gym.

Pregunta 4:

What's her new job? She's _____.

Pregunta 5:

She didn't stay late _____ she was really tired.

Pregunta 6:

They _____ lunch and then they _____ home.

Pregunta 7:

Cusco is usually nice in August, but it _____ rains.

Pregunta 8:

The woman _____ out of the cinema and _____ a bus.

Pregunta 9:

This is the best book _____. You should buy and read it.

Pregunta 10:

I haven't heard from Mrs Robinson for ages, I wonder _____.

Pregunta 11:

I'm not paying _____ to fix the car. I've decided to do it by myself.

Pregunta 12:

Peggy is really beautiful and she also sings _____.

Pregunta 13:

My brother's house is twice _____ large _____ mine.

Pregunta 14:

_____ you use to go to bars when you were younger?

Pregunta 15:

Do you know _____?

Pregunta 16:

Can you tell me what _____?

Pregunta 17:

Cows produce milk but _____ they produced honey?

Pregunta 18:

Son: dad, I can't do my history homework.
Father: OK, I _____ help you in a second.

Pregunta 19:

Be careful, you might hurt _____ with that sharp knife.

Pregunta 20:

I wish I _____ go with you but I can't.

Pregunta 21:

If I _____ stuck in the jungle on my own, I _____ to survive somehow.

Pregunta 22:

By the time I figured out who it _____, he _____ hung up.

Pregunta 23:

Mary _____ around in the forest for a few minutes when suddenly a big bear appeared.

Pregunta 24:

You won't get hired _____ you pass the proficiency test.

Pregunta 25:

Mum, _____ you let me go to Lady Gaga's concert if I _____ good marks?

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